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Free Geetha Govindam Full movie Hindi Dubbed Online Watch Full HD | Bollywoodspy

Free Geetha Govindam Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Online Watch Full HD


Geetha Govindam | Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed | Vijay Deverakonda | Rashmika Mandanna | Subbaraju

The film starts with Vijay meeting Nithya in the middle of the road at night. She finds him sitting alone and sad. When she enquires him he starts to tell her his story. Vijay Govind is a charming young 25-year-old college professor. One of his students Neelu has a huge crush on him and openly pursues him. He meets this girl he sees at the bus stop every day but when he confesses his undying love for her, he finds out that she is already married. During a visit to the temple, Vijay enquires the priest about the decorations and comes to know it was all done by a girl, Geetha. Vijay finds out that the girl is unmarried and is immediately attracted to her. Before Vijay can pursue Geetha, he comes to know that his sister's engagement is fixed and leaves for his town Kakinada. Coincidentally, Geetha becomes his co-passenger on the bus, occupying the window seat beside him. While trying to take a selfie with Geetha, who was sleeping, Vijay accidentally kisses her on the lips. Vijay begs for forgiveness, but Geetha ties his hands to the bus seat and calls her brother and informs him of the incident. The next morning when Geetha's brother Phaneendra boards the bus, Geetha informs him that, the man had escaped by jumping out of the running bus by breaking the window.
Free Geetha Govindam Full movie Hindi Dubbed Online Watch Full HD | Bollywoodspy
Vijay, feeling that he has successfully escaped, is shocked to find that his sister is engaged to none other than Phaneendra. Phaneendra, initially suspects Vijay to be one who misbehaved with his sister, but when Geetha points out that Vijay is not the person, Phaneendra lets go of him. Vijay thanks Geetha for saving him, but she says that she only did it as she did not want his sister to suffer because of him. Since the wedding date for Phaneendra and Sirisha is set two weeks away, Geetha's father asks her to take the help of Vijay in Hyderabad for all wedding related shopping. Geetha reluctantly accepts. Although Vijay tries to apologize to Geetha every day for his behavior, Geetha does not accept it. Just when Geetha starts to warm up to Vijay, Neelu sends a nude video to Vijay to get his attention, which Geetha sees and thinks that he hasn't changed at all. When Geetha starts to badmouth Vijay's family, he picks up a fight with her and abandons her in the middle of the road at night. Meanwhile, Phaneendra decides to track down the guy who misbehaved with Geetha with the help of his police friends in Hyderabad. When they finally catch him by looking at the transport booking records, it is found that the booking was done by Vijay's friend Ramakrishna under his own name and convinces his friend not to rat him out for the sake of his sister's marriage.
Geetha visits her boss' house to invite them to her brother's wedding but is shocked to find Neelu, the girl who had sent the nude video to Vijay. Geetha tries to warn Neelu's mother about Vijay possibly trying to trap Neelu, but she discloses that she already knows about it. After Vijay and Geetha had fought earlier due to the video, Vijay confronted Neelu regarding the video in front of her mother and settled things with her. He also told Neelu of his own mistake with Geetha and his love for her, without naming her and how apologetic he will feel for it for the rest of his life. Realizing that she had been wrong about Vijay the whole time and impressed with his down to earth attitude Geetha falls in love with him. Geetha convinces his brother to leave for his village along with her and forget about the incident on the bus. When he agrees, she relays the message to Vijay personally and he is very happy but does not confess her feeling for him. Geetha and Phaneendra's grandfather suffers from a heart attack. His grandmother fearing that her husband might not be alive to see Geetha's marriage forces, everyone, to get Geetha married on the same day as Phaneendra. Phaneendra suggests Vijay's name for marriage and Geetha happily accepts. But Vijay, however, turns down the proposal to Geetha in person, as he feels that he cannot see his own mother in her who had died when he was little. He feels that for Geetha he is just a choice and not the one and only option. Devastated and heartbroken she agrees to marry the person of her parent's choice.
During the pre-marriage preparations, Geetha's grandmother is bitter towards Vijay for rejecting her granddaughter and reveals that it was Phaneendra who had suggested Vijay's name to his family members. Shocked and confused, Vijay confesses to Phaneendra about his encounter with Geetha on the bus. Phaneendra tells him that he already knew about it and Geetha was the person who revealed it to him along with her love for Vijay. He tells Vijay, that for Geetha he's not a choice, rather is the one and only option. Vijay talks to Geetha, and she finally confesses her love and how heartbroken she was when he thought that she was blackmailing him into marriage thus questioning her character. Vijay asks for forgiveness and conveys his wish to marry her, but she reveals that it is too late and she is getting married in the morning. The film now returns to the start of the movie, where Vijay is unable to figure out what to do to win back his love. Nithya gives him an idea. In the middle of marriage rituals, Vijay walks on to marriage dais and asks Phaneendra to stand. Vijay suddenly falls at his brother-in-law's feet in front of everyone (Nithya's idea) and decides not to let go of his feet unless he marries off Geetha to him. Geetha although shocked is impressed by Vijay's bold move in front of everyone and accepts Vijay. The movie concludes with Geetha and Vijay traveling to Shirdi on a bus. When Vijay kisses a sleeping Geetha on the cheek, she slaps him. Shocked, Vijay again starts to beg for her forgiveness as earlier, but Geetha lovingly proceeds to kiss him.


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